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East Celtic Offshore Wind Farm

East Celtic is an offshore wind project situated off the Wexford/Waterford coast between 9-36km from shore at the nearest and furthest points. The indicative site location has been chosen following a site selection process that considered the regional resources, physical and environmental constraints and the potential renewable generation capacity of the area.

These high level assessments have informed the position, size and shape of the proposed area being considered.

Project status: In development

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Facts & figures

00 km

nearest point from shore off the Wexford/Waterford coast

00 km

furthest point from shore off the Wexford/Waterford coast

up to 00 megawatts (MW)

potential generation of green energy

The project has applied for a Foreshore Licence from the government which, if granted, will allow for numerous surveys to be undertaken in the Foreshore area. All surveys conducted withing the proposed area will assess the physical environment and inform the final project design.

The results of many of these surveys will be compiled and documented in an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) to support an application for planning consent. The East Celtic project is aiming to assist the Irish Government to deliver on their current policy of 5GW (5,000MW) of offshore wind capacity connected to the national grid by 2030.

Irish government

Benefits of strong winds for the south east region

East Celtic will also drive important economic benefits in the South East region of Ireland throughout its construction and economic life as an employer and by reducing future Irish energy costs and improving future Irish energy security of supply.

Public Consultation

We will be holding ongoing public consultation on the project in different phases during which we will share information about East Celtic and seek feedback from the public. Clearly, many decisions have yet to be made about the project including the size of the project, turbine locations within the site area, turbine types and all associated cable routes and land based developments required to facilitate the project. Through the public consultation we will gather public opinion and feedback on the project to inform our understanding of those living and working in the vicinity of the wind farm.

All the feedback gathered will be recorded and appended to our consent applications. In order to share the information as widely as possible at all stages of development, we will be facilitating both in-person and virtual stakeholder engagement in addition to far-reaching and digital and social media campaigns and targeted stakeholder briefings.

Project map

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East Celtic Offshore Wind Farm

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